Processing and materials

Hats are produced by Paimar taking technological innovations into account but still paying respect to traditional work. The hats are produced using techniques and methods that have been consolidated and handed down in customs and habits at the local level and which represent today an incomparable craft-work heritage.

The manual processing technique is characterised by the creation of models made to measure internally, from sketches and existing models which are provided by the customer or client.

In addition some types of cutting and stitching of the materials used, the lining of the products and the subsequent stages of ironing and packing are all done by hand.

The activity has always been distinguished for the high-quality manufacture of berets, hats, and fashion accessories in all kinds of fabric and similar materials.

One specific feature of Paimar is the very important role played in production by the specialisation of the market destined for children and teenagers, as well as high-range products for adults and the leisure segment.

For both the summer and the winter season, the collections are still today produced using ancient processing techniques based on the use of highly specialised skills which are handed down through experience, manual work and the ability to make all kinds of hats.

The objectives to be remembered are always those of protecting and safeguarding a craft tradition with a cultural and historical value accumulated over the years in the Marche. A heritage which despite the difficulties encountered during its evolution has been conserved, transmitted and enhanced with determination and skill by the operators in the sector from generation to generation down to today.

The hat makers, using all the widest creative and technological freedom, work to raise continually the quality of their production, acting in close collaboration with each other and turning, where necessary, to competent institutions and every other structure considered suitable to achieve the objectives described in the previous paragraph.

The raw materials and production stages vary according to the type of hat being produced.

The materials used for the products are all types of fabric, textiles, straw, felt, wool, leather and the like.