Yarn is the raw material par excellence in this product category. The hat may be of either Italian or foreign origin. The quality of the raw materials depends on the composition of the yarns. It is higher when the percentage of WOOL, MERINO WOOL, VIRGIN WOOL, KASHMIR, KID MOHAIR and COTTON is higher. The stages for creating a WOVEN HAT are:

Summarising the main steps:Summarising the main steps:

  • processing of the yarn which is “knitted” on high-precision electronic machines. The result will make it possible to obtain fabrics processed on the basis of the requests (e.g. ribs,   sheared, fisherman’s rib, braid, jacquard, etc.)
  • the fabrics must be ironed to fix the size and make the finished article softer
  • stage of stitching the hat with the “cut and stitch” or “thread trimmer” or “linking” machine
  • stage of trimming of the product to be done “by hand” or “by machine” which may be, only by way of example: tubular processed yarn, fringe by hand, finishing with bobbles and cords or embroidery done with various yarns
  • packaging stage: this consists of a final check on the product eliminating any imperfections.